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What is CaniX?

CaniX is getting out with your best friend and doing what they love best – running.

You will never find another running partner who gives you more motivation than your dog. Any breed of dog, large or small can do CaniX. All dogs love to run and tapping into their natural instinct means CaniX requires very little, if any training.

Benefits of CaniX

There are benefits on many levels for both you and your dog, including:

For health benefits, you should aim for 30 minutes exercise five times a week where your heart rate is increased – a 5km CaniX should take around 30 to 40 minutes. Get the whole family involved; children, parents and grandparents.

If you suspect your dog is over-weight exercise alone may not be enough. See your vet for a health check before you start CaniX.

Where to CaniX

For your safety, take advice on a pair of running shoes with good traction and support. Always carry a mobile, tell someone your route and be aware of your surroundings.

You and your dog will have a more enjoyable run if you plan your route to include some green spaces. There are numerous forests and parklands. If you live in the country, footpaths and bridleways give endless possibilities. If you live in a town, try to minimise running on hard surfaces.

Training your dog to pull

Dogs love to chase and run with a pack – this is the key. Run with a friend (with or without a dog). Take turns leading and practice passing each other.

Signs of overheating

If your dog shows any of the following signs: vigorous panting, struggling to run, collapsing, vomiting, looking for shade, laying down, white sticky saliva (it should be runny), STOP; find shade, give lots of water to drink, saturate your dog or place them in water. Call a vet.


CaniX events are held across the country, use these races as goals. Begin with the 2km course and build up to enter the 5km course. Runners start individually at timed intervals in their age class.


If new to exercise, see your GP and vet for a health check before starting CaniX