Canine Max Dog Olympics 2012

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T: 07919 144921

Event details

Below are the details for the CaniX, Bikejor and Scooter events. NB If the temperature is too hot start times will be brought forward (please register for our Twitter updates — if you do not use Twitter, these updates also appear on every page of our website).


The course will be marked and ready to train on for Friday. For training there will be no marshals and no water bowls on the course. Course markers will only be checked prior to Saturday mornings race, please ensure you know the course (or train with someone who does) as markers are often missing. Please give-way and be courteous to members of the public you meet when training (as well as during the race).

Training restrictions:

From 1 hour before the first start, during the race, until the last person has finished, no training of any type is allowed on the course (penalty: disqualification). At all other times:

Camping, registration, bib collection

If you are camping and arriving on Friday please register and collect your bib at the CaniX van before you set-up camp. You may need £2 to open the barrier at the entrance. If you arrive late, find a space in field 1 or 2, set-up and register in the morning.

If you are staying off-site and training on Friday, please register and collect your bib Friday.

Your bib number will be the same for both days races. You will be issued with 2 bibs of the same number, both must be worn each day (1 for your chest, one for your back). Please attach each bib with 4 pins in each corner to ensure the start and finish timers can see your number. Bikejorers will also be issued with a laminated bibs for their bike handlebars (to attach via a number plate or cable ties).

Dog's microchip

You must compete with the same dog or dogs each day. Your dogs microchip will be scanned on the startline each day. Please send your dogs microchip number by EMAIL by Monday 7/10.

If your dog does not have a microchip, identification by visual marking will be used.

Race briefing: Saturday 9:00am

All must attend the briefing.


Times from both days are combined towards an overall time which counts towards the prizegiving on Sunday.

Please familiarise yourself with the general race info and course markers used and rules before attending.

CaniX relay

Entries in by 4pm Saturday.
Team leader relay meeting at CaniX van 4pm.

Cost £15 per team (payable with entry).

4x points will be awarded to Gold, Silver and Bronze for your country towards the Medal Table.

The CaniX relay requires 4 team members (3 runners and 1 person to tag in transition). For title and medals all 4 members must be from the same country and same gender. Teams from mixed countries, and teams with mixed genders are allowed, these teams will receive a time but not feature on the podium.

Each leg will be over the same course (+/- 1km) in the following format:

  1. Mass start for all leg 1 runners.
  2. Transition people wait at finish line.
  3. Leg 2 runners wait at start line.
  4. Leg 1 runners cross the finish line, tag their transition person and remain with their dog.
  5. Transition person runs and tags leg 2 runner.
  6. Transition person goes back to finish line to wait for leg 2 runner.
  7. Leg 3 runners wait at the start line.
  8. Leg 2 runners cross the finish line, tag their transition person and remain with their dog.
  9. Transition person runs and tags leg 3 runner.
  10. Leg 3 runner is timed at the finish.

Please see your Team Leaders to organise your teams. Mixed male/female teams and teams from mixed countries are welcome — these teams will receive a time but not feature in the medals or podium:

Lodging a complaint

If you have an incident with another competitor (or anyone associated with another competitor) during your race or at any time before or after your race, you may lodge a complaint.

All incidents must be lodged at the CaniX van in writing detailing:

Complaints about a race incident must be lodged within 30 minutes of finishing your race.

Incidents reported by marshals may receive an automatic ruling and not be heard by the CaniX Technical Committee.

The CaniX Technical Committee will sit at 1pm (both days) to hear complaints and make a ruling (eg time penalty, disqualification). All parties involved (including witnesses) must make themselves available. If you do not make yourself available a ruling will be made in your absence which you will not be able to question at a later date.

Names of people who should make themselves available to the CaniX Technical Committee at 1pm will be posted on the notice board/trailer at 12:00 (or in the case of a relay complaint, just before the CaniX Technical Committee meeting).

Competitors who are disqualified will not be eligible for the spot prize.

The CaniX Technical Committee's decision is final.

Fixed penalties

The actions below will automatically receive the following penalty:


Results will be posted on the INFO trailer and on the website here:

Medal table

Points will be awarded to countries for Gold, Silver and Bronze shown in the Medal Table. Points allocated using 'Topend Sports Weighted Point System' (gold 6 points, silver 2 points, bronze 1 point). CaniX Relay will receive x4 points (as there are 4 people in each team).

Medals, prize money and prizes

Title and medals will be awarded in each class (including merged classes) and the CaniX relay for Male team and Female team (with all team members from same country).

Prize money will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class or merged class (except relay) with 10 or more competitors. Non-podium competitors and podium winners (without prize money) will be placed in the draw for the spot prize of £1000. Non-starters will not be eligible for the spot prize. Competitors who are disqualified will not be eligible for the spot prize.

CSJ Prizes: a big thank you to CSJ Canine who are supplying prizes for all the events at CSJ CanineMax, and dog treats for everyone:

Timetable, start times
See entry list